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Parent Family Involvement Policy
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Wednesday, December 01, 2010
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New Brockton Elementary School

Parent/Family Involvement Policy



New Brockton Elementary School understands that engaging parents in the education process is essential to improve academic success for students.  It further recognizes that a child's education is a responsibility shared by the school and the family during the entire time a child attends school.  Therefore, New Brockton Elementary School shall foster and support active parent involvement so that schools and parents work together as knowledgeable partners in educating children.


Although parents may be diverse in culture, language, and needs, they share the school's commitment to the educational success of their children.  New Brockton Elementary School recognizes its responsibility to eliminate barriers that impede family involvement programs that have been developed in collaboration with parents.  Therefore, this policy shall establish programs and practices that reflect the specific needs of New Brockton Elementary School's students and their families.


New Brockton Elementary School supports the development, implementation, and regular evaluation of a parent involvement program at New Brockton Elementary School which includes parents at all grade levels in a variety of roles.  Parent involvement programs will be comprehension and coordinated in nature.  They will include, but not limited to, the following components of successful parent/family involvement programs based on National PTA's National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs.


During the first month that school is in session, New Brockton Elementary School holds its annual meeting for all parents of participating children.  Parents are notified of the meeting through notices sent home by students, newspaper announcements, and the school messenger system.  To assist in providing the opportunity for all parents to attend, the meeting is offered at two separate times-once during the school day and once in the evening.  Child care will be offered during the evening.  New Brockton Elementary School holds an annual meeting of parents at the beginning of the school year, where information will be presented about its Title I program, the curriculum, and forms of academic assessment used.


Parents will learn about the Continuous Improvement Plan and the following subjects taught:  reading, math, language, science, social studies, and physical education.  They will also learn how to schedule parent-teacher conferences and how they can participate in decisions related to the education of their child.  Parents will be given a copy of the parent handbook, which includes more detailed information on these topics as well as a copy of the parental involvement plan.  Upon conclusion of the general meeting, parents will be invited to visit their child's classroom and meet their teachers.  At this time, teachers will provide additional information on the subjects they teach and how students are individually assessed.


Communication between home and school is regular, two-way and meaningful.  New Brockton Elementary School recognizes the need for a regular exchange of information with families.  Teachers communicate with parents through varied means (School Messenger, STI Home,   phone calls, emails, home visits, weekly folders, monthly school calendars, and weekly classroom letters).  Home school communications is further encouraged through parent/teacher conferences which accommodate the needs of the parent.  School policies are provided in the handbook and disseminated to all students at the beginning of the school year. 


Parents will be given a copy of the School-Parent Compact at our annual parent meeting held at the beginning of the school year.  The compact will be explained to the parents, and they will be asked to sign the compacts signifying their commitment to working in partnership with the school and their child in ensuring that their children are successful in school.  The compacts will be discussed with teachers at the first faculty meeting of the school year.  Each teacher will be given the responsibility to explain the compact to the students and obtain the students' signatures.  The teachers will sign the compact and house them in his/her classroom for use during parent-teacher and/or student-teacher conferences.


Responsible parenting is promoted and supported.  New Brockton Elementary School fosters the value of parents as a child's first and most important teacher.  To promote the importance of positive relationships between parent and child, free parenting booklets are given out during PTO meetings.  The school library has established a "Parent Corner" which offers books and magazines on parenting issues to be checked out by parents.  Information about the "Parent Corner" will be discussed during the annual parent meeting at the beginning of the school year.


Parents play an integral role in assisting student learning.  New Brockton Elementary School is committed to giving parents opportunities to participate in their child's learning both at home and at school.  The monthly Home School Connector Newsletters shares tips for testing, homework, math and reading strategies.  Other opportunities are provided through polishes pages, vocabulary practice, and summer reading list.  Information about each of these opportunities is printed in the monthly school calendar.  The school calendar is sent home by the students.


Parents are welcomed in the school and their support and assistance are sought.  New Brockton Elementary School supports the parent's right to have access to the school, their children's records and the classroom.  The school welcomes parents with a friendly attractive entrance.  Parent surveys are given at the end of each school year seeking their input on activities, training, interest and availability to volunteer.  Parents assist the teacher by volunteering in the classroom, on field trips and special school activities.  Surveyed information is made available for all teachers to use.  Master copies of parent surveys are kept in the counselor's office for teacher and parent information.   


Parents are full partners in the decision that affect children and families.  New Brockton Elementary School offers opportunities for families to share in decisions about school policy and family involvement program designs. Parents are involved in the decision making process concerning textbooks, Title I Program, Continuous Improvement Plan, and the school Parent/Family Involvement Policy.  Parents are provided opportunities to participate in professional; development activities, technology training and various workshops.  Parent concerns are treated with respect and interest in developing solutions.  These opportunities are discussed at the annual parent meeting held at the beginning of the school year.  Parent sign up sheets, dates for workshops and future meeting dates are made available at this time.


Community resources are made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning.   New Brockton Elementary School is committed to working with community agencies that provide services to children and families.  Our school partnerships with local businesses and country organizations to provide 4-H and the DARE Program to 4th-6th grade students.  The Math-A-Thon, Jump Rope for Heart Programs, and can good collections foster student participation in community services.  The community members are involved through volunteering in the school Dr. Seuss Read Around The School Day and field day activities. The monthly school calendar, school messenger and the school website ( are avenues by which parents are informed of the dates of these activities. 


New Brockton Elementary School is committed to professional development opportunities for staff and leadership to enhance understanding of effective parent involvement strategies.  New Brockton Elementary School also recognizes the importance of creating a climate conducive to parent participation.  We will continue to work closely with our parent organization to offer valuable workshops and recognition for our parents.


New Brockton Elementary School supports the implementation of this policy.  A copy of this policy will be distributed to all parents, students, faculty and staff during the annual meeting at the beginning of the school year.  Support will be provided to parents and teachers as they plan and implement effective parent involvement programs.  New Brockton Elementary School values the support and effort provided by parent committee members.  The design of the Parent/Family Involvement Policy has been made successfully through the dedication of parent volunteers informed decisions and time.  The culture of our school has been strengthened by the strong voice and convictions of our parents.


New Brockton Elementary School ensures that parents will participate in an evaluation of the content and effect of this policy on student success.  The evaluation will be used to improve and/or create practices to enhance parent involvement.  The Parent/Family Involvement Policy will be reviewed annually and revised to meet the needs of parents and students as needed.

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