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Kim Smith Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Mathematics 6


     *  Highly Qualified

     *  ARI Certified

     * AMSTI Certified (2nd year)

     *  BSEd.  in Elementary Education, Troy State Dothan

     *  MSEd. in Elementary  Education, University of West Alabama

Sixth grade - NBES - August 2005 to present


     My name is Kim Smith.  I graduated from Troy State Dothan in December 2004 with a BSEd. in Elementary Education.  I then graduated from University of West Alabama in 2010 with an MSEd. in Elementary Education.  I am married to Brad Smith who teaches at New Brockton High School.  I have two children. My degree is K-6 and I am highly qualified in my field of study. My hobbies include teaching yoga, running, cooking , reading, shopping and spending time with my family.