Our School's Motto

A Great Place to Learn.


Our School's Mission

New Brockton Elementary School will provide a collaborative, problem solving environment which will nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs of our students ensuring they become productive 21st century students.


New Brockton School History

NBES started as a physical part of NBHS. Due to community expansion, and the closing of two county junior high schools, land was purchased across town and a new elementary school was built. In March of 1979, the physical move took place to the current location. Mr. Charles Cole was named the principal and remained there until his retirement. NBES began without a formal lunchroom, using 2 classrooms to serve lunch that was cooked and transported from the high school. This satellite lunch preparation remained in place until the most recent addition was finished. A serving area and lunch room, along with a gym to accommodate needs and continued growth, was constructed around 1988. The current lunchroom was a welcomed addition for on site preparation and serving recently. Growth has continued through two classroom expansions with the most recent being in 2021. A staff of around 20 in 1979 has more than quadrupled due to recent growth. NBES still remains "A Great Place to Learn!"

Our School's Vision

The vision of New Brockton Elementary School is to develop positive leaders, resilient problem solvers, and lifelong   learners.


Our School's Beliefs

  • All students can meet and exceed high expectations.
  • All students learn best in a safe, positive school environment.
  • Most effective learning takes place when there is shared responsibility between teachers, parents, community, and students.